The wildness of nature and culture

Wild horses, oxen;

Pape Lake – a shallow lagoon type lake, a nesting place for numerous birds;

Nida bog nature trail – virgin landscape and its wildlife;

Etnographic house “Zvanitaji” or open-air museum “Vitolnieki”.

Trip by bus for 2-8 persons; duration 6-8 hours

Price from 60 euro per group

Additional costs:

entrance fee to nature park – 2,50 euro / person

entrance fee to open-air museum „Vitolnieki”  – 1 euro / person


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We offer also sightseeingn tours around Liepāja on foot or by car.

Karosta – Naval Port

Trip by bus for 2-8 persons, duration 2-4 hours


Karosta Prison – horrifying and interactive departure into the past. The activity is shocking, intriguing and unforgettable!

Northern forts – walking underground with torches;

Maritime Cathedral – the largest orthodox  church in Latvia;

Rotating bridge – a 100 year old monument of engineering;

Northern breakwater etc.


Price from 40 euro per group


We offer also sightseeing tours around Liepāja on foot or by car.

Book sightseeing tours and trips by phone +371 26488200